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Yoga Classes – What I Offer

Please Note:

Santina will be in Mysore, India from 1 Feb until 31 March.

Please check “Schedule” for International workshops.

Santina will not be teaching any public classes. There will Mysore Intensives in May, June and July.

Colleen Dowd  ( will be teaching Guided Intro to Ashtanga – Please contact me or Colleen for further information.

InSan Yoga offers three styles of classes to establish or expand your yoga practice. Each student is provided with individual attention and support.

  • Guided Intro to Ashtanga   This is a Led class that focuses on correct alignment and vinyasa transitions, connecting breath to movement. This class explores Surya Namaskar A & B, standing postures, and various seated postures.
  • Led Ashtanga (Half Primary) This guided class covers half of the Primary series, typically up to Navasana. Basic understanding of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series preferred.Led-style classes are excellent ways to introduce yourself to or re-visit Tristhana—the breath, the gaze (dristhi) and the pose (asana). Led classes are generally not for beginners as students are led through half the Primary series with little or no adjustments. New students should attend Guided Intro to Ashtanga classes to learn the Ashtanga method slowly and precisely.
  • Mysore Style (Self-Paced Practice)  – The Mysore style is named after the city in South India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught the modern teachings of Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher-student relationship is the heart of the Mysore style, which is a self-paced practice while the teacher instructs each individual student according to their specific abilities. All levels are welcome to Mysore style classes, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. The Ashtanga sequences are learned pose by pose, and as such, you may start with a relatively short practice. When a teacher feels that a student is ready to progress farther in his/her practice, new postures are added. Naturally, a close relationship is created between teacher and student as each student’s practice grows.

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Studio Hire

Fully equipped studio capacity for 12 students.

  • Blankets
  • Blocks
  • Mats
  • Iyengar ropes – wall
  • Barrels