The outcome is always the same - more reaching equals more learning
- Santina Giardina-Chard

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

Dates:      9 –  16 April, 2017

Location:     Tup Kaek Sun Set Resort,  Krabi, Thailand

Is an undiscovered paradise. Surrounding by exotic landscape and awash with natural splendor of Tupkaek Beach, Krabi province, Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort is nestled discreetly in next to the pristine white sand of 1km Tupkaek Beach, in the vast tropical gardens, which is the perfect retreat your bodies and mind.
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Agenda:  Practice and Process 
During this 7 days you will be learning to practice deeply… deeper than you have ever gone before.  I will encourage and support you explore aspects of your practice from the inside … not just the external forms.


10th April : Prana & Apana Muscular Patterns in body

Learn the internal patterns which open the central core of your body, and go deep. Use breath, queues and a steady pace to move through surya A and B, standing forward folds and supine and seated poses. As your breath flows, rolls and curls like waves, yoga postures relate to each other. Feel how this brings a remarkable sense of relief and clarity in your mind and body.

12th April :  Journey into the Pelvic Girdle and Leg over the head

Go on a journey deep into your hips. Combine original sequencing and some old school Ashtanga to find your deepest range of movement, as well as anatomical understandings of the hip joint.  Begin with malasana (squat) and sun salutations to warm up, then move to standing poses designed to open your hips, including bird of paradise. Use vinyasas to build heat and strength along with two variations of titibasana. Along with some passive hip-openers to allow the deep internal and external rotators muscles of the hips.


14th April:  Unlocking the Bandha

The bandhas are the most elusive aspect of practice. They’re subtle components of the not very well understood energetic body. What if there were a physical part of them that you could access? What if you knew what these were? Bandha understanding comes theoretically, energetically and physically. Looking at the mysterious bandhas from different points of view will absolutely help you to employ them in your practice. If you can access them, your practice will come from the inside out and be more energetic in nature.

We will look at the physical aspects of the bandhas as well as access points in the practice, and how breathing relates to creating the energetic fuel for the bandhas. All of this will be employed through practical exercises to have an experience with.


15 April:  Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series – Unraveling the Seated Postures

The primary series is an example of true genius in asana sequencing. From a physical perspective, each stage of the primary series is a vehicle to prepare for subsequent stages: Surya namaskara warm up the body, engage the bandhas and the breath, develop strength, and initiate a rhythm for the flowing practice to come. Standing postures develop stability and connection through the hips and legs into the earth. Seated postures create awareness of the hip joints and work to prepare the back for the intense work that will come in back bending.

This workshop will unravel the principle patterns within the seated postures, exploring how the entire Primary Series is a system of kidney twisting and squeezing. Once you decode these patterns your practice will turn off auto pilot and flow into intelligence.

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Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Santina Giardina-Chard


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